Oryza Sushi Bar offers guests the opportunity to enjoy our expertly crafted sushi dishes either as part of the menu in the bar or take out.


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Sushi platters





You can order sushi platters of different sizes if you are having a party, staff meeting and event gathering. The size of the platter will be depending on the number of people enjoying. you can contact us if you are not sure. Prices range from £5-£15 per person.

Platters include:

1. Sushi Bento box: for 2 people to share, small and light

2. Quick dinner for two: for 2 people

3. Sushi lover's dinner set: for 3-4 people

4. Family platter: for 5-8 people

5. Sushi discovery: for 8-10 people

6. Oryza salmon tuna lavish set: for 2-3 people










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